Sunday, August 27, 2006

Common Blue Violet

Common Name: Common Blue Violet
Latin Name: Viola Sororia

There's a path that leads from Pickering Beach Rd. to Harwood Avenue. It's a path that's like a wide meadow here in Ajax. This plant was found growing next to a fence, it was moist and soggy. This Violet looks alot like other violet's but the leaves set it apart from being the Early Blue Violet, which leaves look totally different. The leaves of this plant can be candied and are very high in vitamins.

Blooms: March to May
(picture taken May/19th/2006 - 4:30pm)

Blue Eyed Grass

Common Name: Blue Eyed Grass
Latin Name: Sisyrinchium montanum

It's a shame the only place I ever found this almost unnoticable flower is now paved over for a new development. Didn't seem to be to proliferant here in Ajax. Without flowers on this plant it simply looks likes a tuft of grass. It belongs to the Iris family of plants. So if you happen to see this plant, let it grow undisturbed.

Blooms: Late May to July
(picture taken June/28/2005 - 3:17pm)

Starry False Solomon's-Seal

Common Name: Starry False Solomon's-Seal
Latin Name: Maianthemum stellatum

Around Ajax, this plant can be found in 2 places that I know of. Both places were very lush and serene. I think this plant is unique and unusual. You would also probably never notice this plant unless it had a bloom. It's a shame they only bloom in the spring-time.

Blooms: May to June
(Picture taken May/15th/2006 - 4:18pm)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Philadelphia Fleabane

Common Name: Philadelphia Fleabane
Latin Name: Erigeron philadelphicus

Up this close and personal to a Philadelphia Fleabane, you may not realize this is often a very common weed and if you saw it in your garden you would rip it out immediately. It is very much a weed you don't want growing in your back yard. But I do see a delightful beauty here - growing at the side of a construction site when there is nothing but dirt to see, then these flowers stand out. Besides just being a flower in pinkish/purple it can also been seen more commonly in it's white version. Depending on where this plant is growing it functions as a bi-ennial or a perennial.

Blooms: April to August
(Picture taken June, 25th, 2006)

Hoary Vervain

Common Name: Hoary Vervain
Latin Name: Verbena Stricta

This plant can literally be found all over Canada's Eastern Region. This one in particular was found in High Park in Toronto, ON. I think this plant is truely beautiful, and can be seen in shades of pink, and purple. My boyfriend and I were eating at Grenadier restaurant there at high park, and after we came out we went and did a little wandering. I saw a whole bunch of undiscovered flowers I hadn't taken pictures of - this was one of them.

Blooms: June to August
(Picture taken June, 24th, 2006)